About the Awards

PNM Award for Individual Excellence in Ethical Business Practice, in Honor of John Ackerman

The PNM Award for Individual Excellence, in Honor of John Ackerman is awarded each year to an individual in New Mexico who has been a consistent champion of ethics.  Congratulations to Ralph Baldwin who received this award on April 25, 2018.

Ralph inspires others to do the right thing with his honesty, loyalty, and integrity.

Rust Award for Excellence in Ethical Business Practice by a For-Profit Business

Jack and Donna Rust led philanthropy in New Mexico for over 50 years, improving the lives of others in innumerable ways. This award is named in tribute to their ethics and true leadership.

This year we congratulate recipient Glass-Rite for their excellence in ethical business practices!

Hopkins Award for Excellence in Ethical Practice by a Non-Profit

The Hopkins Award is awarded to a nonprofit in New Mexico that has truly exhibited ethics at every turn. Congratulations to Special Olympics for the integrity that their organization upholds.

Paul and LaDonna Hopkins have been community leaders for many years.  Their contributions to nonprofits continue to impact the lives of New Mexico families.

Emerging Leader in Ethical Excellence

The Emerging Leader in Ethical Excellence is awarded to a young leader in New Mexico who has gone above and beyond in their commitment to ethical excellence.

We congratulate Adriel Orozco, 2019 Recipient of this award, for his unfaltering ethical leadership.

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